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The Cost of Militarism Education Team (COMET) explores the use of U.S. military power to protect corporate interests, the excessive allocation of funds to “defense spending”, and the costs of American imperialism to the country and to the world. Meets the first & third Wednesday of every month at 6:45 p.m. at Everybody Reads Bookstore. 2019 E. Michigan Avenue – Lansing (517) 346-9900

Following is a summary of COMET’s report to the membership at the 2010 Peace Education Center Annual Membership Meeting.

In the last year we have read and discussed ten books.
We selected these from lists we compiled of books by experts who because they don’t subscribe to the world view of major media outlets are rarely on the best seller lists.
In one book, The Bases of Empire 10 different authors describe the extent of our military bases from the Philippines to Africa to Latin America from the size of small cities to entire islands. We cover the world except for Russia, China, and a couple of South American countries.

  • We read two books on the Middle East, on on Afghanistan and one by Juan Cole who is an expert on the Muslim world. Both were very enlightening, and books President Obama should read.
  • We read two books about US competition with China and other countries for oil and other natural resources and for industrial preeminence.
  • We read three books on the economy by insiders who described quite vividly how deregulation in the Clinton years, the federal reserve handmaiden to the banks, and the high-roller gambling of the Wall Street operators got us into our economic disaster.
  • Finally, we read Empire of Illusion by Chris Hedges, a book on our general social and economic malaise, and another book forecasting the consequences of climate change. Both are important warnings of what is happening to our local and global environments.

We would like to invite any of you who would like to participate in this reading group to do so.

COMET reading list to follow soon!

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