The Peace Education Center is proud to sponsor a community conversation on “Poverty and Wealth.” The problem of an ever expanding disparity between the “have’s” and the “have-not’s” has become the issue of the day. What do you think? Should the government play a role in enabling or constraining individual wealth? Are the super rich and the poverty-stricken both the creators of their own destinies? Is wealth the root of all evil?

Please join us in a respectful conversation about a problem that affects us all. We will use a process and materials designed by the National Dialogue Network, funded by a grant from the National Coalition on Dialogue and Deliberation. Seated in small groups, we will listen to each other’s perspectives to further our own understanding of the concerns and possibilities surrounding this important issue.

There will be two sessions, one for the Michigan State University (MSU) community and a second one for the larger community.

MSU Community Session, APRIL 4, 3:00PM 5:00PM, Main Library, North Conference Room. This event is hosted by the MSU Libraries and sponsored by the MSU Peace and Justice Studies Program, College of Social Science, College of Communication Arts and Sciences, Residential College for Arts and Humanities, Philosophy Department, and the Peace Education Center. Seating is limited, so to reserve a seat please send your name and email to: hesslin2@msu.edu. The event flyer can be downloaded here.

Community Session, APRIL 9, 7:00PM – 9:00PM, Lansing Community College, Administration Building Board Room. This event is hosted by Lansing Community College and sponsored  by the Peace Education Center, Michigan League for Public Policy, Capital Area District Library, Power of We Consortium, Justice &  Peace Task Force at Edgewood United Church, League of Women Voters – Lansing Area, and Common Cause of Michigan. Seating is limited, so to reserve a seat please send your name and email to: pec.comments@gmail.com. The event flyer can be downloaded here.



Youth Organizations Invited to 3rd Annual “World Friendship Day” on March 16, 2013

The Peace Education Center and local community organizations will hold the third annual “World Friendship Day,” a free, fun-filled educational event for Mid-Michigan middle school students on Saturday, March 16, 2013 in East Lansing.  The event will provide an opportunity for youth to connect with people of diverse backgrounds while exploring issues of peace, diversity, and tolerance.  The students will experience an active day involving music, art, and dance; workshops during the day-long event will promote unity, individual empowerment, and encourage participants to be the change they wish to see in this world. A delicious international luncheon will be served to all student participants.

Participating Youth Group in 2012

“World Friendship” program is for youth ages 11 – 15.  Adult advisors of Mid-Michigan youth groups, student organizations, and community service groups are encouraged to register for the event by sending an email message to worldfriendshipday[at]gmail[dot]com or by calling the Peace Education Center at 517-515-5634.  Registration is now open.

The event will be 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 16, 2013, at Spartan Village Community Center, 1460 Middleville Road, East Lansing, Michigan 48823.  The event  has been organized by the Peace Education Center of Greater Lansing, the Greater Lansing United Nations Association (GLUNA), MSU’s Asian Studies Center, and the local education partnership, LATTICE, or Linking all Types of Teachers to International Cross-cultural Education.

The students will get to hear guest lunchtime speaker, Ms. Shirin Kambin Timms, Executive Director of the Refugee Development Center in Lansing, Michigan.

“World Friendship Day” workshops for the youth will include hands-on activities from around the world focusing on peace through understanding.  The day will include live international musical performances, education games, and arts and crafts activities. Youth participants will enjoy a delicious international luncheon donated by local restaurants.

For additional information about “World Friendship Day,” please contact Ruth Borgelt of the Peace Education Center at 517-515-5634 or peaceedcenter[at]gmail[dot]com.

2012 World Friendship Day