Rethinking Warfare Economies

The Lansing Area Peace Education Center sponsored a Zoom Lecture for PQ 2022 with Miriam Pemberton on her just-released book: Six Stops on the National Security Tour: Rethinking Warfare Economies.

Take a tour of our country with Miriam Pemberton to see the effects of our massive military spending as it feeds into the heartland. Are those communities benefiting, as politicians tell us when they win expensive military contracts for their locales? Is the money being spent wisely? Or, as UMa economics professor Robert Pollin states, are we fiddling while the planet burns?

Miriam Pemberton is a Research Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies. She directs its Peace Economy Transitions Project which focuses on helping to build the foundations of a postwar economy at the federal, state and local levels.

She has written the definitive contemporary account of the cultural and economic behemoth that is “National Security.” She uses her deep expertise and vivid writing to examine this terrain and suggest another way is not just possible but existentially and immediately necessary.