The Sky is the Limit

The Sky’s the Limit when it Comes to Military Spending


The Senate and House Armed Services Committees are honing their versions of the military spending budget for 2018 this week. While the administration is seeking a $54 billion increase, each committee may be even trying to increase that bloated amount. The House Armed Services Committee passed a budget of $696 billion today adding $21 billion more than Trump’s proposed budget. The Senate Armed Services Committee topped their House counterparts taking the total to $700 billion. Sen. Gary Peters is a new member of this committee. Let him know what you think!!!

On a brighter note, Rep. Barbara Lee, the only legislator courageous enough to vote against the War on Terror (2001 Authorization to Use Military Force) got the House Appropriations Committee to agree to allow debate on repeal of the AUMF, something she has been advocating for years. It is possible this will get yanked when it hits the floor.

Representative Lee along with a bipartisan group of 32 House members has also introduced, H.R. 3079 the Audit the Pentagon Act of 2017, which would cut military spending if the Pentagon does not complete an audit.

Your federal elected officials need to hear from you, your friends and family on these issues. The House Armed Services Committee vote was 66 to 1. The Military-Industrial-Political- Complex (MIC) owns the Legislature. We need to reclaim it with our voices and actions and support the courage of the handful of Congresswomen and men who will stand up to the MIC.

To Stay on top of legislative issues in military spending visit Friends Committee on National Legislation.