Kenya LGBTQ Human Rights Violations

Kenya LGBTQ Human Rights Violations

Gilbert Kagarura, LGBT Refugee Spokesman for the LGBT community in the Kakuma Refugee camp, needs your support.

He has been living in hiding for many years now. He has survived three assassination attempts on his life for being a LGBTQ activist and leader for the community. He was poisoned twice and survived. During another attempt on his life were 2 petrol bombs placed in his shelter when he was sleeping. Only one ignited or he would not have survived. Gilbert still actively receives death threats.

In Kenya LGBT refugee human rights activists are being targeted. Many receive ongoing death threats and have survived murder attempts, and multiple violent assaults.

In fear for their lives, these refugees are forced to leave the refugee camp and go into hiding. These drastic life saving measures have been implemented by global human rights defenders to protect these refugees who are being hunted by homophobic mobs of people.  

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