PEC Condemns Walberg’s Gaza Nuclear Weapon Stance

PEC Condemns Walberg’s Gaza Nuclear Weapon Stance

Statement from PEC Condemning Walberg’s Gaza Nuclear Weapon Stance

The Lansing Area Peace Education Center, a leading peace advocacy group, vehemently denounces the recent statement made by U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg suggesting the use of nuclear weapons on Gaza. Such rhetoric is not only irresponsible but also morally reprehensible.

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is already severe, with its residents enduring immense suffering due to ongoing conflicts and blockade. To even consider resorting to such extreme and disproportionate measures as the use of nuclear weapons is not only a violation of international law but also an affront to basic human decency.

Advocating for peace requires empathy, dialogue, and diplomacy—not the promotion of violence and destruction. Rep. Walberg’s suggestion undermines efforts towards peaceful resolution and exacerbates tensions in an already volatile region.

As an organization committed to promoting non-violence and conflict resolution, we call on Rep.  Walberg to retract his statement and apologize for the harm it has caused. Furthermore, we urge policymakers to prioritize diplomacy and humanitarian aid to address the root causes of conflict in Gaza and work towards a just and lasting peace for all parties involved.

We would also like to remind our city governments to sign on to the Mayor’s for Peace, a global network of cities seeking to attain lasting world peace by arousing concern among citizens of the world for the total abolition of nuclear weapons. This would be attained through close solidarity among member cities, as well as by striving to solve vital problems for the human race such as starvation and poverty, the plight of refugees, human rights abuses, and environmental degradation.

We stand in solidarity with the people of Gaza and reaffirm our commitment to advocating for peaceful solutions to conflicts worldwide.

About the Lansing Area Peace Education Center: The Peace Education Center works to promote compassion and awareness of the potential for interdependence and lasting peace, and nonviolent solutions to world, national, and local conflicts.

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