About the PEC

The Peace Education Center office is located at 1120 South Harrison Road in East Lansing, Michigan. Office hours are by appointment. Please call the PEC at 517-515-5634 or send an email message to peaceedcenter[at]gmail[dot]com before you stop by or if you have questions about the organization or upcoming events.

Mission Statement:
The Peace Education Center is a community with the belief that all life has value. We work to promote compassion and awareness of the potential for interdependence and lasting peace, and nonviolent solutions to world, national, and local conflicts.

We support peace and justice by:

Serving as a resources center
Organizing outreach campaigns
Mobilizing community resources
Establishing educational programs and workshops
Fostering collaborative relationships with other groups

Who We Are

Terry Link (Co-Chair)
Luke Roy (Co-Chair)
Elise Harvey (Corresponding Secretary)
Jim Detjen (Recording Secretary)
Ruth Borgelt (Treasurer)

PEC Board of Directors

Paul Brun Del Re

Kate Darnell

Kathie Kuhn

Ivajane McCoy

Becky Payne


Sponsoring Organizations

The PEC thanks the following organizations who support us in our efforts to promote peace and justice in the greater Lansing area and worldwide

Edgewood United Church of Christ

Fellowship for Today

First Church of the Brethren

MSU Mennonite Fellowship

Red Cedar Friends

Unitarian Universalist Church of Greater Lansing

Affiliated Organizations
Greater Lansing Network Against War and Injustice

Meta Peace Team

Other Peace Groups of Interest
Michigan Peace Network

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